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St. Joseph Daily Press, September 3, 1920, Real Estate Transfers, Renzi Harada to Fred Peterson and Wife

Renzi Harada to Fred Peterson and wife 12 a in SE1/4 of sec. 13 in Chikaming twp. $10.

Sketch of the public surveys in the north part of Michigan.

Map detached from a United States Senate document in the United States congressional serial set (Serial Set 314 S.doc.11): Report from the Secretary of the Treasury, with the annual report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office.

An improved edition of a map of the surveyed parts of the Territory of Michigan

Covers southern Michigan.
Insets: Map of the Straits of Michillimackinac. -- Map of Pte. Ste. Ignace. -- Map of the most important parts of the lead mine district near the Mississippi River. -- Map of the private claims at Green Bay -- Map of…

Harada and Wire Fence.

Picture of R. Harada, who owned Sam Ritchie farm south of Minnich. On the same page as "Jap feeding small chickens at south coop. No. 43" picture. Possibly, Renzi Harada

Bunch of apples from Peter Minnich's Orchard

picture of a bunch of apples from Peter Minnich's Orchard

Welcome to Minnich Road

Welcome to Minnich Road.jpg
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Leonard Coalter Peach Wagon, 1911, Grand Rapids Wholesale Market

This is a photo of Leonard Coalter's wagon which he drove to the Grand Rapids Wholesale Market to sell peaches. The acetylene spotlight on the front of the wagon was mentioned in a newspaper article on September 19, 1913.